Hans Henrik Madsen Consulting ApS

Selected Company Assignments

2020 DAPP Countries: Mid-Term Review Mid-Term Review of the Danish-Arab Partnership Programme 2017-2022
2020 Georgia: Desk appraisal of Energy programme of Danish Neighbourhood Programme
2019 Global (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda): Mid-Term Review of Danida Market Development Programme
2019 Ukraine and Georgia: Review of Economic Diplomacy
2019 Global (Jordan, Bangladesh, Myanmar): Review of Labour Market Consortium
2018 India: Review of the Third Phase of the Danish Support to Education for Tibetans in Exile
2018 Tanzania: Mid-Term Review of the Tanzania Country Programme
2018 Ghana: Mid-Term Review of Support to Private Sector Development, Phase III
2017 Ukraine and Georgia: Appraisal of the Danish Neighbourhood Programme 2017-2021
2017 China: Third phase of collaboration on teacher education development between University College Capital and Lhasa Normal Collage

2017 Ukraine: Desk appraisal of UDEC II of the Danish Neighbourhood Programme 2017-2021

2016 Tanzania: Technical Review of BEST-Dialogue of Tanzania Country Programme
2016 Sub-Saharan Countries: Background Paper on Technical and Vocational Education in Africa

2016 Myanmar: Identification and formulation on Support for MSMEs for Danish Country Programme for Myanmar

2016 Kosovo: Evaluation of Support to VET Reform in Kosovo

2015 Denmark: Preparation of programme documents for the Danida Business Partnership Programme

2015 Ghana: Final Review of Danida Suport to Private Sector Development, Phase II

2015 Ghana: Formulation of Danida Support to Private Sector Development Phase III 2016-2020

2015 Denmark: Preparation of Concept Note and Project Document for the Danish Agribusiness Fund (IFU)

2014 Ethiopia: Formulation of Greening Agriculture Transformation in Ethiopia (GATE)

2014 Denmark: Preparation of Grant Documents for an IFU SME Facility
2014 Danida: Preparation of background paper for Evaluation of Danida Support to Value Chain Development
2014 Tanzania: Review of Business-to-Business Programme and Danida Business Partnerships in Tanzania
2014 Nepal: Inception review of UNNATI – the Danida supported Private Sector Programme
2013 Nepal: Formulation of Growth and Employment Programme in Nepal - (UNNATI)
2013 Kosovo: Monitoring and evaluation of Employment Promotion through Skills Development, Kosovo

2013 Egypt and Tunisia: Appraisal of Economic Growth and Employment Programme (under DAPP)
2013 Myanmar: Formulation of Programme on Responsible Business
2013 Ghana: Review of Danida Support to Private Sector Development, Phase II
2011/2012 Ukraine: Mid-Term Review to Rural Private Sector Development Programme in Ukraine
2011/2012 East Africa: Appraisal and final formulation of Danish Support to Regional Economic Integration in East Africa
2011/2012 Zimbabwe, Benin and Burkina Faso: Review of Skills for Youth Employment and Rural Development in Western and Southern Africa
2011/12 Ghana: Review of the performance of the Agricultural Value Chain Facility
2011/2012 Albania: Review of Value Chains for Sustainable Livelihoods in Albania
2011/2012 Kenya: Inception Review to Business Sector Programme Support, Phase II
2011/2012 Ghana: Review of Danish Support to the Private Sector Development
2011/2012 Kosovo: Review of Employment Promotion through Business and Skills Development
2011/2012 Tanzania: Formulation of Value Chain Initiatives as part of Tanzania Country Programme
2011/2012 Nepal: Appraisal of Growth and Employment Programme.